Laundry Products

Laundry Products

Eastern Valley Chemicals offers a comprehensive range of laundry products.


Laundry Detergents

  • Unique odour elimination range
  • Unique antimicrobial range
  • Phosphate and phosphate-free
  • Bio and non-bio
  • Combined alkali one-shot

Fabric Conditioners

  • Highly active
  • Quick dry and easy iron features
  • Latest trends in premium fragrances

Liquid Destainers

  • A unique colour-safe destainer (Ice) that works from only 20˚C
  • A full range of peroxide, peracetic and hypochlorite destainers

Liquid Alkali Boosts

  • Phosphate and phosphate-free
  • Caustic and non-caustic
  • Complex hard water versions

Laundry Emulsifiers

  • A range of specialised biodegradable emulsifiers


  • A range of natural and synthetic versions


Laundry Detergents

  • Phosphate and phosphate-free
  • Bio and non-bio
  • Specialised low temperature versions


  • A range of both standard and new technology low temperature versions, which work from only 30˚C

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